The Challenges of Having a Blog…

I have always thought that the best benefit of having a blog is that it teaches you discipline… at least in theory.

You must remain motivated, you must be consistent and you must be creative. So, it has been about two months since my last blog post, where have I been? Well, between switching jobs, remaining engaged in satisfying client work, suffering of a case of spring fever and barely having time to enjoy a glass of wine… I’ve been contemplating about (aka, procrastinating) writing a blog post. However, one of the biggest challenges of writing a blog is deciding on a topic and so much have been going on out there (Weiner’s wiener, Shakira being “pregnant,” William Levi separating…) that it has been hard to focus.

Moving on to other news… HPRChat will be celebrating its one-year anniversary next month. Yes, one year!  And what a year it has been… the crew (Manny Ruiz, Louis Pagan and Migdalia Rivera) of Hispanicize (by the way, excellent conference), HPRA’s NY Chapter President, David Henry and LA Chapter President, Lourdes Rodriguez, ImpreMedia’s Pedro Rojas, executive editor of La Opinion and Hilda Garcia, VP, Multi-platform News and Information and the “Rey of Facebook” Being Latino’s Founder and CEO, Lance Rios, all have join us in the conversation. What’s next? Well, join us of on Wednesday, July 6 for a conversation with “La Reina of Twitter,” LATISM’s own Elianne Ramos!

Back to the discipline thing… Yes, I must find it in me to post more frequently. Maybe I’ll post about my trips to the beach or the best ways to engage an audience in social media or why Hispanic print outlets need to smell the coffee and get with the program if they want to get a piece of the budgets from Fortune 500 companies. As you can see, there is plenty to come.

Thanks for being patient!

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About Andy Checo

Public Relations practitioner in the US Hispanic market with a special interest in Social Media.
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2 Responses to The Challenges of Having a Blog…

  1. Tonyg says:

    Your so right. Blogging takes discipline. In order to keep your users coming back, you must keep them interested with fresh updates. At first it’s easy. You excited about it. Then after awhile you start slowing down until your new posts come far and in-between. Blogging is overrated. It just happens to be the “IN” thing like facebook. Soon it will become a graveyard of vast outdated material.

  2. I have found that I used to blog more pre-Twitter. I always tell myself that I am going to blog more often, but it doesn’t work that way. Good luck with your discipline.

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